Fall Skin Care Routine

This past year I have been completely obsessed with skin care. From oils to collagen (my husband wants to choke me when I say that word because it comes up at least once if not twice daily, he just rolls his eyes) I have been experimenting with it all. 


So ever since I have tried a million (at least it feels like a million) different products. Which don’t get me wrong, I love trying new products but when I really find one I love I’m hooked and tell everyone about it.

skin care 4.jpg

During the Fall months my skin gets extremely dry, like it’s painful and Utah’s weather definitely doesn’t help a girl out.


This super simple process I do at night and in the morning has seriously transformed my skin. It’s just three easy steps and let’s be real, everyone has time for that.


Here has been my go to Fall moisturizing skin care routine:


1)      I Love You This Matcha

 skin care 3

I know age is just a number, but I swear there are subtle changes I see that aren’t my fav and I blame it on getting old(er). Cocokinds matcha stick has been my BFF because of this. It has helped with dark circles under my eyes and with the random dry spots I’ve been noticing.


It’s great because it’s portable like a chapstick (and can be used as such) and you just twist and go to town.


I love to put it under eyes and on the sides of my nose since it’s one of the first places to get dry in the winter time.


I wake up with my eyes looking refreshed and the dry spots gone.


2)      Oils, Oils, Oils

 skin care 1

For the longest time I was using coconut oil as my moisturizer and while it’s great, it was also time to switch it up. I found this Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil at Target while I was there buying other things I really didn’t need (but def needed this).


I have been so amazed by how versatile it is! Not only do I take my makeup off with it at night time, but I massage it on my face after the shower then wake up and use it as a makeup primer.


It’s made from argan oil and coconut oil + its 100% natural.  Yes please! And did I mention how amazing it smells? Total skincare winner.


3)      Put  Some Vaseline On It

 skin care 2

Another product I am and have been obsessed with is Vaseline (this product needs its own blog post).


With this skin care routine I love to put it on my lips before I go to bed + in the morning and I put it on the ends of my eyelashes. I know it sounds weird, but trust me it has made such a difference with my eyelashes. They look fuller and healthier, plus once I put mascara on it just glides across.


Really just those three simple steps. Easy right?


Skin care does NOT have to be a hassle and it does not have to be crazy expensive, but it is so important. I promise if you just do one of those three steps (but really all three together is just a win) your skin will thank you.


What are some of your favorite skin care tips?

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